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Image by Elena Joland

Sovereign Natural Empowerment 

One Day Course, online

SNE one day course offers you the information you need to know who you truly are, to stand in your own power and protect your rights.  Find out the difference between lawful and legal, and how the legal system has usurped the law.

Get the knowledge you need to start you on your way to standing down perceived authority figures when they interfere with you day.  


The course is split into three parts, each part has a series of short videos. This makes it easy to go back over any points you didn't quite get the first time round.


 If you haven't seen any of this information before, be prepared for a shock.  It takes quite a bit of getting used to but you'll know it's the truth because there are no contradictions - unlike a lot of the information given  to us at school and further education.  


I am Karen-Ruth, I did go to law school, so I know what's taught and not taught there.  Anyone who went to medical school will be familiar with the deception.  We are taught what the powers that be want us to be taught, and not what we need to know.  

Thank you to everyone who has shared this knowledge for me to learn. Now I share what I've learnt with you

If you have questions ask here 

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