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Part I: The Truth

Made in conjunction with EbMCsquared CIC, Six short videos make up the fist part of the one day online Sovereign Natural Empowerment Course and are posted below.  There is also a short introduction video to introduce the course, giving an overview of the subject.  


Video 1: Introduction 

Video 2: Hierarchy of Jurisdiction

Video 3: Inalienable Rights

Video 4: The difference between Lawful and Legal 

Video 5: True Democracy

Video 6: Our Written Constitution

Video 7: True Common Law of the Land


This introduction video gives an overview of the one day Sovereign Natural Empowerment online course 

Hierarchy of Jurisdiction

Find out where true law derives, and where you

truly stand in law

Inalienable Rights

Human Rights and the manufactured industry surrounding this are completely unnecessary and a convoluted distraction.  We are all endowed with inalienable rights, so why do we have this industry.   Take a look at your inalienable rights and see for yourself

The Difference Between Lawful and Legal

Lawful and Legal are two very different things.  Unfortunately, we aren't taught about the law at school or anywhere else.  Even at law school.  The legal system has usurped the law, and we are kept in the dark about it, kept in confusion, because when you know the difference between lawful and legal, you begin to stand in your own Sovereign power. 

True Democracy

We think we live in a true democracy, but we really don't.  This video gives an introduction to what a true democracy, and shows us why ours is a sham

Our Written Constitution

We believe in this country that we don't have a written constitution, but that isn't the whole truth.  We don't have a single document, there are several - but they do amount to a written constitution, and they are very powerful, which explains why we're kept in confusion

True Common Law of the Land

At law school we're taught that the common law is judge made law, precedent.  There may be some truth in that, but this is not the full picture and it is not true lawful law of the land.  True law must be derived from natural law by man, and not by a man

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