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Part II: The Deception 

We've been deceived all of our lives starting from our birth.  Our brith certificate contracts us with the State and this is a fraudulent conversion of us from living breathing beings, into dead legal fiction corporations. From birth we are tricked and deceived through contract, joinder and legalese.  

The legal system facilitates it all.  The legal system is the mechanism by which all of this deception is facilitated.  The legal system is far from being just, it is unlawful and illegal.  This series of videos will start you on your way to gaining the knowledge you need to realise the deception and be able to apply the remedy, and there is always remedy.  

Image by Olia 💙💛 Gozha

This video is Episode One, Part II, The Deception

 Introduction to the Deception and Birth Certificate Fraud

This video shows you the fraudulent conversion of us that happens when our parents (the pair who rent) register our birth.  This registration contracts us with the State. We become a creation of the state, property of the State and they can then administer us, their property as they like.  Knowing about this is the first step to unravelling the fraud, and taking back our Sovereign power

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Part II: The Deception
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