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Part III: The Remedy

There is always remedy.  No matter what is put in front of us, there is always a way to deal with it.  Our biggest enemy is ignorance and we are kept in ignorance.  We are not taught the law at school, at university, or even at law school.  We only learn about the legal system there, and the law is though to be part of it.  It isn't and we should know that, we should learn it when we're young.  


This series of videos will help you to see there is remedy in knowledge, knowledge of the truth, knowledge of true law.  And we can use their legal sytem against them, against the ones who use it against us. 

Image by Olia 💙💛 Gozha

This video is Episode One, Part III, The Remedy

 "Dealing with the Police and getting arrested"

Get the knowledge you need to stand your ground when dealing with police when they are trying to enforce Government legislation upon you.  Find out how this is unlawful.  

Knowing where you stand in law, and the offences the Police Officers are committing will take away the fear of being fined and getting arrested.  if you do get arrested and you haven't broken the law, that is unlawful, kidnap, false imprisonment.  Knowing this, and that you have a claim against the officer or officers dealing with you takes away the fear and gives you an opportunity to educate others. 

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Part III: The Remedy
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