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About me and about this site
Image by Elena Joland

A health issue in 2018 made me take a closer look at the medical profession and what I now know as Big Pharma.  I discovered voices such as Judy Mikovits, Sherri Tenpenny, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Del Bigtree, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and Catherine Austin Fitts.  They opened up a parallel world to mine, and it didn’t take long to realise, things were not as they seemed. The medical world was less of a caring profession, and more of a money making industry. 


And that was just the start of it.  It became crystal clear that the world was organised and controlled by a very few, who had their tentacles in everything.  A tiny number of people, with extreme private wealth, appeared to own or control almost everything on the planet that we needed to survive: the world’s food, water, agriculture, health, media, education, retail, banking; and by controlling these industries, they also had control over the governments of the world.


The world as I knew it, all the ‘facts’ and ‘figures’, information, our courts our justice and security, war and peace - all an illusion. All facilitated by our banking system, and everything backed up by the legal system. 


Almost all of us, unwittingly have handed over responsibility for all things necessary to exist and survive to others.  Our food, water, health, nutrition, education, protection, even our judgement. All of this provided for almost exclusively by others.  And when we can’t provide for ourselves or our family, we become very easy to control by our providers.


Things had to change, but what could I do?


Then came Covid.  Another war upon us. I started hearing about Sovereignty and common law of the land.  I’d been to law school so I know what’s taught there, and more importantly, i know what isn’t taught.  We’d been taught about common law, but taught that it was case law, judge-made precedent.  What I was hearing about now, the common law of the land, wasn’t anything to do with what we’d learnt at law school.


I tried to find out more, and eventually began to realise that this common law, the common law of the land that I was now discovering, was real law, natural law, and that it had been completely usurped by the legal system. This law, real law, was not taught at law school, and it became clear that the confusion was on purpose, a confusion by design. 


This confusion is present in every part of the system.  It runs through lawyers, judges, academics, magistrates, barristers, court clerks, and more.  And it’s difficult to hear when you’ve invested so much of your life, that your profession is little more than a gigantic money making industry designed to control people by trickery, deception and fraud. 


This also applies to our medical profession, and the education system too. 


I joined the Guardians 300 and became a trainer with them.  I’m in awe at the depth of knowledge of the people I learnt from there.  In awe of how they’ve patiently waited for decades for the rest of us to catch up. But catch up we must, and this knowledge needs to be shared.  I now work independently and in collaboration with the World Council for Health and EbMCsquared to spread this message far and wide.


We all need to know what we should have been taught as young people.  That we are sovereign, free, and that the rules are simple, not complicated.  We don’t need a lawyer to represent us, we don’t need a police ‘force’ to enforce government policy on us.  We can manage ourselves, and the rules are clear: we cause no harm, no loss, no injury to anyone, and we know that our rights end where another’s begin.  That’s it.  When we stick to these rules, we can do no wrong, and everything that is not a wrong is our right. And we are more than capable of judging when someone is wrong.  We don’t need a legal society and literally millions of pieces of government rules, regulations and legislation for that. 


Nor do we need a multi billion dollar human rights industry to ensure our rights.  Its very existence alludes that rights can be given and taken away.  We are born with our rights, no one gives them to us, and no one can take them away. Everyone is equal, no one is above the law.  To take away another’s rights would put someone above the law.  No one else can own or have your rights, they are yours.  So, how anyone give something they don’t have?  It is a false flag industry, creating fear and control under the guise of welfare and protection. Unless you’ve broken the law, real law, not an act of law, only a slave can have rights given or taken away.  So, are we slaves or are we free?


To be free is to be Sovereign.  For this we have to be responsible for ourselves, to provide for ourselves and our family - and we can do this with the help of others, but not by the control of others.  We keep our government in its place; as administrator of the realm and nothing more.  


We created government and they work for us.  We control government, it is not the other way around.  They govern only with our consent, and anything they do or say requires our express agreement.  Without our agreement, their ‘laws’ are acts of law and have no force.  The government is a corporation and their decisions are no more than corporate policy, with no bearing on us whatsoever unless we give our genuine consent.


Let me help you find your way to Sovereignty, then you can help others find their’s.  This site contains an online course, tools, and blog to help you on your Sovereign way.  


I hope you enjoy the wonderful experience of discovering and being exactly as you were intended to be, finding your power, standing your ground, and then sharing your sovereign knowledge with others. 

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