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Sovereign Power and Responsibility

Part of the 'Learn to say No' campaign

We are all born Sovereign, a complete, whole independent being. Sui Generis: a unique being of its own kind. We aren’t rooted to the floor, we move around independently and find our own way. We make laws for ourselves and rule ourselves, according to what we need and how we want to live our lives. We are our own supreme ruler. We have supreme, independent authority over our own flesh and blood body. this is our land, this is our territory.

We are our own land and we have full authority and jurisdiction to apply our own rules and laws to ourselves. We can also apply our rules and laws to anyone who steps into our territory, into our jurisdiction. That stays with us where ever we are, we are never without it.

We take our own land with us wherever we go and no one has jurisdiction over us without our genuine consent. We are always in charge of ourselves, no matter where we are. And even when we contract, no one can take away our inalienable rights, ever. They cannot be contracted away, given away or transferred. They are your enduring rights, with you to the end.

We are always in charge of ourselves and those who want to interact with us, just as they are in charge if you want to interact with them. Every interaction is an offer to contract, it is either accepted or declined. Whoever makes the first move makes the offer. It can be a question, an enquiry, an order, demand, request. Without a contract, you have no obligations and you cannot be required to do, or prevented from dong, anything.

We can decide to live alone or we can decided to live with other people. If we live with others, natural rules will evolve. For those rules to be equitable, we must know our standing. To know our standing we must know our inalienable rights, that is, the rights we were born with, rights essential to exist in relative peace and security. Our inalienable rights are needed for survival, and they are part of our property. We must protect ourselves and our property, and if we choose to live with others, we must care for them and and help to protect their property too.

To care for others, we must cause no harm, no loss, no injury to anyone, and know that our rights end where another’s begins. This is our social contract, the law common to all. Along with local customs and traditions it becomes the common law of the land. Law of the land has to be lawful and align with natural law. Anything that does not align with natural law is unlawful and cannot be part of the law of the land.

If you stick to these simple rules of no harm, no loss, no injury, you can cause no wrong, and everything that is not a wrong is your right. You can live freely, in harmony with yourself and others, and be your complete, unique, creative self. You can be as your creator intended you to be. This is your right, and no one has authority prevent you. We are all equal under the law. No one is above the law. This is the rule of law.

Being Sovereign is very powerful and brings with it responsibility. Sovereign beings are responsible for providing for themselves, and their family all the essentials needed to exist, such as food, water, shelter, health, judgement, protection, education, clothes, power. It’s easier to do this in cooperation with others, but most of us completely rely on others for all of these things.

To rely on others for all of life’s essentials makes us controlled beings, not sovereign beings. This makes us fearful, and enslaved us. We are at the mercy of our controllers, so we do as they say. We are not living free. If we want to be free, to live as intended, we must take back our sovereign power, take back responsibility, take back control and learn to say no.


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