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Do you live in a tyranny?

Part of the 'Learn to say No' campaign


It's easy to get used to something that's in our daily lives, and not think too much about what's behind a thing presented to you, often as an idea for the good of all, or as a solution to a problem that exists. We trust and believe our government is there to support us, to do its best for us. We tend to accept what they tell us, especially when we're kept so busy managing our lives and working hard to pay our bills.

We forget that we put the government in place to work for us, we created the government to serve us.

Government are our public servants and their duty is to administer the realm on our behalf. As creator, government is our property, governs with our consent, and is under our authority and control. It is unconscionable that the creation should control its creator.

But, being kept so busy, our eye is off the ball, and slowly but surely government has changed the rules and switched positions. With careful marketing and media output, we now believe that we are at the behest of the government and must bow down to every policy and whim. Like any government left unchecked, they are writing themselves into ultimate power.

The government has become tyrannical and is working against us, not for us. Our inalienable, creator given rights, rights we were born with are being removed. But only because we are allowing it. So, don't allow it. Learn to say no. It's not rude, it's necessary. If you don't say no you make it harder for others, so you have a duty to say no.

No government policy has any control over you unless you allow it. Without our consent government cannot exist, without our consent, their rules, regulations, orders, Acts of law, statues and any other such thing are no more than corporate policy. Your government is a corporation, you can easily check this for yourself. The legislature, executive, judiciary, courts, judges, police, MPs are all corporations or corporate employees and they have no say over your life or your rights, unless you break the law - that is actual law, not Acts of law or other corporate policy.

Government and it's agents are all there by consent, our consent. Without our consent they do not exist. This is legislature, executive and judiciary. MPs, police, judges, courts, are all there only because we allow it. If you don't like what they're doing, it's up to you to put a stop to it. Don't comply, don't consent, don't allow tyranny. Learn to say No

For a quick reality check, ask yourself, are you scared of government and what they will do to you if you don't do as they say? Are you frightened of the police and what they will do if you don't do as they say? Fines, court, arrest, prison, property removed from you, including your children?

If the answer is yes, you live in a tyranny.

If the answer is yes, ask yourself, why are you frightened of your creation, why are you frightened of something you put in place, something you have full control over, why are you frightened of our public servants ?

If the answer is yes, something has to change, and that's down to you, it's down to all of us to learn to say no.

Why are we letting our public servants fine us, take our liberty, our property, our children, our rights when we haven't broken the law, the actual law ?

If we don't protect our rights, rights we were all born with, we may as well not have them. We have to learn to say no to unlawful, government corporate policy. We can all say no. And in fact, we have a duty to say no. So learn to say no. today.

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