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Welcome: Sovereign Natural Empowerment

Welcome to my blog to help you find your natural power

Being Sovereign is powerful. When you feel your natural power, your fears begin to disappear.

Hi, I'm Karen-Ruth (also known as Ruth). I'm learning to live in sovereignty, and I'm learning more each day. With this blog and my website, I hope to pass my knowledge on to you, so that you can pass that knowledge on to others.

We live in an illusion

We live in an illusion, and you can only step out of the illusion once you know it's there. The illusion presents government and its agents (police, judiciary, executive, legislature) as figures who must be obeyed. It is a false perception, because who was born with authority over you? No one. We are all born equal and we are tricked into believing otherwise. Once you realise you are sovereign, this perception of authority disappears.

It's time to break the spell

Time to break the spell and the chains we're shackled by. Time to see the deception for what it is. Time to break the illusion, to step out from within it, and to live the life you were meant to.

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