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"Ask Me"

The "Ask Me" campaign is designed to get people talking about subjects that can be difficult to raise

Why Questions ?

When you invite someone to ask you a question, and they do, they are already engaged in the conversation and more willing to listen to the answer

It gives more opportunity to talk about subjects that go against the narrative

Take Part

You can be part of the "Ask Me" campaign, even if you aren't able to answer the question(s) yourself. 


Just point people to the website printed, for example, on the flyer you're handing out, or the t-shirt 

you're wearing

The Answers

The answers to the questions will be on the webpage they are directed to, and if they want more information they can easily contact an advisor from there

"Ask me"
 Flyers, t-shirts and more
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Get Involved

Get out there, and Get people talking.  For more information contact me, Karen-Ruth, using the button below or email me at

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